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Andrew Franklin is one of the smallest members of the scattered friends. For reasons unknown he has several magical abilities, including shape-shifting and necromancy.

Andrew Franklin served as Bradley's best man at his wedding, and did a killer job, and looked sexy AF. It is to be believed that he scored ALL the girls, yet he somehow remains a virgin. If Andrew were to have his own wedding, it has been advised that he serve as his own best man since no one can quite fill his shoes in that regard.

At said Wedding it was revealed he may have stolen Jaron's not-girlfriend. Andrew, who had done this unwittingly and being the gentleman that he is, begged Jaron to beat him up. Jaron refused, the size difference posing to much of a threat to Andrew's life, but he ended up punching him. Word on the street however revealed that Jaron had gone on to kill him in a gruesome manner. However through Andrew's great powers of necromancy he was able to bring himself back to life in an unparalleled display of dark magical powers.

It was also at this wedding that Andrew was accepted into the Core Group.

Andrew also created the name for the car loving chat group "Spanky Kars for the fam fam."

Famous Quotes

"She's a nice lady." - in reference to Elena, and many other "nice ladies."

"Yes, daddy."

"you've scarred me for life."

"_______________________________________________" - while drunk.

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