The core group are the members of the scattered friends that are most often at the various gatherings thereof, or are the most influential, or well-beloved/hated enough by the friends that they are considered to be at the core. OBVS.

It is unknown, when in the annals of history the core group was established. Some historians believe medieval times, while some say the Classical Era at the earliest. The general consensus however is a few years ago. Early forms of the core group entail only members of the Bailey and Stavinoha in the late 2000's. This morfed as the Giant Engstroms began to migrate south on occasion, and eventually expanded to include a solitary Hinrichs.

The members of the core group are as follows.

  • Andrew Franklin
  • Ben Engstrom
  • Boone Bailey
  • Bradley Hinrichs
  • Chris Stavinoha
  • Daniel Stavinoha
  • James Stavinoha
  • Jaron Engstrom
  • Joe Bailey

The core group is often subject to change, but most of it's members have known eachother for many great ages and long eras, or even as long as several months.

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